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Sciences and Art

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Christele finds her inspiration in biology books. From there, she works on the representation of cells and microscopic organisms until she transforms biology into art. As a scientist she tries to vulgarise her work so that it reaches the widest possible audience.

  • From Biology IV. p91
Some of Christele's works on paper come directly from scientific books. By working on sketches, she transforms the academic form into an intuitive and dynamic form. Her drawings allow her to show the process of transforming biology into art, to reveal part of the secret of transformation. The resulting forms make up her "library of forms" and can be found in her other works.

Visual experimentation
New media

The digital world is taking up more and more space… without a re-appropriation in the service of human values, it has the power to sweep away our reference points and to disconnect us from the world of matter. For a peaceful future, we need to find the valuable balance between the physical and digital world.

Christele is working on new visual researche with a French visual and digital artist Symbiose ( Their current work is about the possible symbioses between the traditional art world and digital art : How to propose a hybrid work of art including both physical and digital art ?  

The resulting series “A l’équilibre” creates a virtuous cohabitation where the immaterial comes to meet the material, not to surpass and crush it, but to underline and enhance it. "À l'équilibre" highlights the complexity and beauty of nature. Between figurative and abstract we discover the explosion of life that hides behind a few leaves, a few drops. In symbiosis, the different mediums complement each other and reveal several sides of one reality.